Brand New Home

Like moving to a brand new home in a central location with picturesque view of nature, I am feeling ecstatic to be fully settled in this new address that is unmistakably mine.

Except that comes with the move is furnishing this bare home and that, I must admit, terribly frightens me. Why not? Until now, I was living in a home that felt perfect for me at the start but did not turn out quite as well as expected.

The truth is I dreamt of writing about my travels, but the sad reality is that while many others can travel all the time, do it for as long as they want, and make money writing about them, I couldn’t. Luckily for me, it was also when I did not have the time and the cash to travel that I discovered I could do many other things and be as passionate for them as I was for travel.

If anything, gave me the extra push to try living up to the name. I lost weight, gained mass, and modesty aside, started to look good naked. I thank Mr. OHW for that, but also came with the transformation was sarcasm getting lost in the punch line. OneHotWanderer was born when I was at my worst physically and it was witty and funny then. Now, not so much.

Unlike the other site that ran for 2 years but barely reached 10 blog posts, this new one bears my name because I now prefer a home to make unforgettable memories in, a place that, even if everything fails, I can no longer run away from. I would not want to run away from myself, right?

In this new home, expect tales from my travels, stories of my misadventures at the gym, and everything in between Machu Picchu and Gold’s. I know my humble abode is still empty, but slowly and surely this home will get furnished eventually and I promise that there will always be a key under the mat for you.

In the meantime, take a seat, feel comfortable and have a look at nearly a thousand photos on my Instagram account that’s gaining traction lately. Now, that’s my modern version of the old Filipino tradition of showing a visitor a photo album to make him feel at home while I go get him something to drink in the kitchen.